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Monday, August 15, 2022

Porvorim Rising an initiative by Rohan Khaunte launches Covid Assist program for Porvorim constituency


Porvorim: Porvorim Rising, a social initiative of MLA Rohan Khaunte, has launched a special program which will take the COVID-19 testing facilities to the doorsteps of all the citizens in the constituency.

As per the program, a team of volunteers including trained Nurse will be checking the parameters like temparature, oxygen level and Blood Pressure of each one, to detect early warning of the infection.

Khaunte said that the Covid Assist programe would be provided to all the three panchayats in his constituency including Penha de Franca, Salvador de Mundo and Succoro.

He said that the team of Sarpanchas, Zilla Panchayat members, Panch members and volunteers had hit the ground running during pandemic time reaching out to the people to ensure that they Stay Home, Stay Safe. Covid assist, he said, is a program which is a step ahead to the outreach initiative taken up during pandemic time.

Khaunte said that the program was conceived after several people, specially senior citizens approached him with the problem that they are not able to get their medical parameters tested, regularly amidst pandemic situation.

“That is why we decided to introduce this service at their doosteps,” he said.

The MLA said that the programme would be held in all the 31 wards wherein the team will visit the wards, at least twice a month.

A helpline 8308607788 has been introduced for the people to know about the schedule of the program and also any details that they would like to seek.

Khaunte said that several doctors, who want to give back to the society, have agreed to join this program voluntarily by providing their services by analyzing the reports of the samples taken from the citizens on daily basis.

He has appealed people to continue maintaining social distancing, wearing mask and also sanitisation as a fight against the covid.

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