Police recover Rs 4.75 lakh stolen from Panaji Court premises by the accused lawyer


Panaji: Panaji police have recovered Rs 4.75 lakh from the office of Mujahidin Shaikh at Valpoi, which were stolen from the Nazir section of the District Court at Altinho, Panaji.

The panchanama was conducted of his office at Valpoi recovering the stolen muddemal property/case property consisting of different envelopes attached in the criminal cases of Civil and Criminal Court, Panaji along with cash of Rs 4,75,275.

The police also recovered house breaking instruments and other articles at the instance of the accused person from his office at Valpoi.

Police said that after commission of the crime, the accused went to his office at Valpoi and cut opened the muddemal property/case property envelopes and removed all the cash from it.


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