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Party spokesman has joined as a Journalist for particular newspaper: GFP


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Panaji: Goa Forward Party State executive has taken strong objection to one particular newspaper taking constant stance against them.

GFP Vice President Dilip Prabhudesai addressing a press conference said that “we discussed that independence of media is being compromised.”

“One particular newspaper has taken a stance against the party. One former spokesman of a party who project himself as an activist and who was caught during the election clandestinely distributing defamatory material is now bureau chief of a particular newspaper,” he said.

He also alleged that reporters of this newspapers are writing questions for opposition MLAs which would come up for forthcoming assembly session.

“The whole question is whether newspaper is sold to the party or party is sold to the newspaper. The independence of media is important and whenever we can we will keep on expressing the wrong doings of the media,” he said.


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