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Friday, January 21, 2022

Now each file in Margao municipality will have RFID tag

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Margao: Margao Municipal Council would be the first civic body in the State to introduce Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) concept to track its files, so that they don’t go missing.

MMC has decided to introduce this ambitious concept in which movement of files would be tracked electronically at a click of a button. Newly appointed MMC Chief Officer Siddhivinayak Naik said that the concept is being introduced to ensure that the files don’t go missing and also they can be tracked down without wasting time.

MMC is a Portuguese-era building with several thousand files piled up in different sections, sometimes, making it difficult for the officers to locate them.

Naik said that the concept would be first introduced in Technical Section of the municipality and later it would be rolled out to other departments.

Each of the file will have RFID tag, while entrance of every section including the chambers of Chairperson and Chief Officer will have metal detector frames which will read the tags.

Naik said that the officers will also be given hand held detector so that the files which are piled up in the cupboard can be tracked without any efforts. He said this concept would be introduced as soon as possible in the municipality after following all the required formalities.


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