No implementation of new traffic violation fines till roads are repaired

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Panaji: Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho on Wednesday said that the state will not enforce fines as per amended motor vehicle act, unless the road conditions are improved.

Godinho said that the State government intends to repair all the pothole ridden roads by December, after which, starting from January next year, the amended fines would be enforced.

The minister also said that the State would curtail fines for certain offences.

Godino said that it is the moral responsibility of the state government that unless it provides proper roads, it will not implement centrally amended Motor Vehicle Act.

“We have set a deadline that till November end, the roads would be repaired. But I would consider an outer deadline of December to repair the roads. So from January onwards we can implement the amended MV Act,” the minister said.

He also said that there are few offences like drunken driving, where state do not have mandate to reduce the fine but there are some sections of MV act where state has powers to curtail the penalty.

“We would be reducing the fine in certain sections where we are allowed to do so,” he said.

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