Ex transport minister demands New traffic rules be implemented immediately

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Panaji: Former State Transport Minister Sudin Dhavalikar today demanded that government should immediately implement the amended Central Motor Vehicle Act 2019, and now bogged down to the pressure of Congress.

“I feel pained to see that State BJP government has deferred the implementation of the Act, which was passed in the Parliament with much struggle. The Act needs to be implemented immediately. I dont see any valid reason for deferring its implementation,” Dhavalikar said addressing press conference.

“The road conditions…potholes cannot be a reason for deferring the implementation,” he added.

Dhavalikar said that government should not bogged down to the demands of Congress party who are making unwarranted statements.

Congress has demanded that government should first provide better road conditions to public and then implement the Act. Government too is on similar lines and has announced to implement the Act from January, next year onwards.

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