News about Congress legislators was plot by BJP to create confusion: Chellakumar


Panaji: Congress Goa Desk in-charge A Chellakumar today ruled out the possibility of any of his legislators switching over to BJP and claimed that news about legislators quitting Congress was a plot by BJP to create confusion.

Chellakumar was talking to reporters outside Raj Bhavan after being part of the party delegation which met Governor Mridula Sinha. The Congress leader was responding to the news about five Congress MLAs planning to switch over to BJP.

“This is the plot by BJP to create confusion amongst the public and also to create confusion amongst their own supporters, whoever is supporting the government. They want to create fear in the minds of alliance partners that Congress house is not intact and if you withdraw, the congress does not figure to form the government,” he said.

Chellakumar, on the other hand, claimed that many of the MLAa from ruling side are in touch with him. “There is no doubt about it. I don’t want to disclose their name. I am not a person to backstab someone. Everybody sitting the cabinet are themselves ashamed of continuing in the cabinet. So everybody told me that wait for the time,” he said.

He claimed that there is a total failure in the government. Some of the minister has also mentioned that the impact has been felt due to absence of the chief minister.

“We all 16 are together and we are intact. This is not to show strength to the government. This is only a delegation,” he said explaining about absence of few MLAs.


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