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Movies are not meant to be made in specific genres: Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike ‘First Love’ a love story set in the backdrop of gang war’

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Movies are not originally made in specific genres, but when the information about movie gets transmitted, the media portrays it as belonging to genres, said renowned filmmaker Takashi Miike. He was participating in a media conference organised on the sidelines of 50th International Film Festival of India. Takashi Miike, one of the most outstanding filmmakers from Asia and around the world with a cult status is the ‘Filmmaker in Focus’ at IFFI this year.

Speaking about this new film ‘First Love’, Takashi said that the movie is a love story set in the backdrop of a Yakuza gang war. “ I am  looking forward to make a movie on Japanese gangsters Yakuza for quite some time,” he said.

Replying to questions, Takashi said that he doesn’t wish to put a particular message in his movies. “ Controlling the message is not good. How audience feel about the movie is more important. Message should be based on personal experience of the viewers”, he elaborated.

About finding his self-reflection in the violent characters he made, Takashi Miike said that though he explore subjects like violence, he doesn’t look at it from the audience view. “ As a person I am very calm, reserved and quiet”, he added.

On a note of advice to aspiring young filmmakers, Takashi said, “ Enjoy life and and learn what you can from it. When periods change in life and film making change accordingly. Use the experience you gathered while making your films”.

Producer of ‘First Love’ Misako Saka said that she has been working together with Takashi Miike for 25 years. Apart from ‘First Love’, Takashi’s  ‘Ichi the Killer’, ‘Audition’, ‘Dead or Alive’ and ‘13 Assassins’ are being screened at 50th IFFI in ‘Filmmaker in Focus’ section.


First Love

One night in Tokyo, a young boxer Leo and a call girl Monica get caught up in a drug smuggling plot.The two meet when Monica is fleeing from a corrupt cop and Leo helps her out, thereby getting involved in a larger racket involving drug lords, assassins and co-conspirators who believe that Monica is fleeing with a parcel of cocaine.The film which opened to European and US audiences in September is having its Indian premiere at IFFI. The film blends genres like comedy and action.


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