Minister Vishwajit Rane announces cancellation of cases under 16B of TCP Act


Panaji: In yet another decision, Town and Country Planning Minister Vishwajit Rane has also announced that the cases under section 16B of TCP Act stands cancelled.

Rane said “After much thought, I have given direction to the Chief Town Planner to cancel all cases that stand under 16B with immediate effect, the ones that were taken with provisional and final approval. CTP has briefed our lawyers to file an affidavit in the High Court, about the Government’s decision on 16B, and not single case will be retained.”

“Also, we’ll make an appeal to the High Court to give us permission to operationalise 16B afresh where we will have a team of experts guiding us, like Indian Institute of Planners, Indian Institute of Architects, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Confederation of Indian Industry, Indian Institute of Engineers, and IGBC, who will be helping us define Green certification and  monitor every case that has been brought under 16B.”

“Progress is very much crucial as it will play a vital role in the development of our state, but in a very judicious and sustainable manner. Keeping this in mind, various aspects will be fine tuned in the Department of Town & Country Planning.”

“Openess and transparency are key ingredients of good Governance, and I am a strong believer of this. I am here for the people of Goa and I believe the voice of the people has to be heard, at the same time we must be accepting of the views of the experts in order to progress as a state. Progress thrives on innovative solutions, planning and pathways and our members representing the board are experts in the field of planning.”

There should be an inclusive voice, that includes everyone’s say, at the same time the Government has to move forward with a vision and policy that’s clear. Many times we might not be in a position to please everybody, but that’s the fact of life.

 With our experts on board and sustainable planning, we will achieve what’s best for Goa and Goans.


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