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Massive protest against making Goa a Coal Hub


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Panaji: Amid thousands of supporters and volunteers who walked alongside him shoulder to shoulder, the Revolutionary Goans leader Manoj Parab completed the last stretch of the ‘coal revolt’ in which Goans joined the Revolutionary Goans in large numbers as they marched from Patradevi to Polem to protest making Goa a coal hub.

While the coal revolt march began last year, it had to be stopped on account of the Code of Conduct ahead of the zilla parishad elections and later on account of the second covid wave.

“Goans have given a resounding no to becoming a coal hub and the trio of infrastructure projects that the government seeks to impose on them,” Manoj Parab said.

“Goans unequivocally have condemned efforts to make Goa a coal hub and the three linear projects,” he added.

One can recall that on November 27,2020 a coal revolt had commenced from Patradevi and after a peaceful walk of six days and covering 120 km it had to be discontinued due to the code of
conduct imposed for the ZP elections. Later they were unable to complete the mega walk due to the election code of conduct, COVID-19, lockdown and other difficulties.

On Sunday, the Revolutionary Goans completed the final 22 kms of the 120 km journey across the length of Goa.

“Revolutionary Goans is getting stronger by the day as thousands of people join forces with us. Unlike other political parties who show crowds with the help of paid personnel, here people are coming of their own accord and spending their own money to show their support for the protest,” he added.

RG, powered by GSRP party has announced political candidates in more than a dozen constituencies as it ramps up its poll preparations.


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