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Margao municipal council to crackdown on illegal business and their advt hoardings   

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Panaji: Margao Municipal Council (MMC) has decided to crackdown on illegal business and the advertisement hoardings that are put up without valid licences.

MMC chief officer Siddhivinayak Naik in a public notice issued has asked all such establishments to apply for valid permissions with the corporation within seven days or face action.

Naik said that the council has intensified its drive against those evading house taxes.

“It has been observed that many business establishments are conducting business, have put up goods for sale or display/ erected business advertisements beyond stipulated area without valid licences,” Naik said.

“MMC has decided to crackdown on such business  or goods for sale or display/ business advertisements boards operating without valid licence,” he added.

“General public/ business establishments/ stakeholders/ are hereby directed to forthwith stop sale or display of goods/ remove business advertisements boards/ apply for trade licence those who are operating without valid certificate within seven days, failing which MMC will seize goods/ remove business advertisements board without any prior intimation and recover cost of the same,” Naik said.


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