Margao Congress block celebrated Vanamohatsav by planting saplings of trees at various locations in Margao.


Margao: With an aim to have a meaningful Vanamohatsav we decided that each Congress party worker in Margao should plant a sapling in his close vicinity, so that he/she can ensure its survival with proper care, Margao Congress leader Mr. Savio Coutinho said. The saplings will grow into big trees signifying the strong presence of Congress party in Margao, he said further.

Over the past 30 years, the Margao MLA may have distributed at least 30 to 45 thousand saplings, @ 1500 saplings every year. Considering the average canopy area of each tree as 50 sq mts, half of Margao should have been greener with this big magnitude of trees. But if one checks Google images year wise, one gets to know how much green cover has been lost, rather than gaining any, Mr. Coutinho said sarcastically taking a dig at Margao MLA. Very huge area of Margao has turned grey with concrete structures, rather than turning Green with trees, he said.

Saplings were planted by small children including Savi Kavlekar, Cristiano Coelho, Claire D’silva, Dhurvi Suktankar, Callan Dsilva, Namira Naroo, Samaira, Sara etc.

Namira Naroo said that she planted the sapling and will ensure that it grows up into a big tree, and wished to see Margao more greener in future.

Dhurvi Suktankar stressed upon the importance of tree and how tree help in tackling pollution, and also as a source of Oxygen.

Little Cristiano, Savi, Claire and Callan promised to take care of the saplings planted by them and also hoped for a greener Margao.

Adv. Snehal Onskar and Pramila Fernandes appealed to all Madgaonkars to join in the initiative of infusing greenery into Margao as the Margao block has set up a target of planting 200 saplings all over Margao at locations where the saplings will survive and grow into trees.

Senior citizens Mr. Rosarito Coelho, Juzin Fernandes, Aneil Alvares, Edwin Fernandes, Hemant Kavlekar, Radha Kavlekar, Ian Mendes, Anwar Naroo and others participated in the Tree plantation and appreciated the efforts of the Margao Congress block.


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