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Manipal Hospitals succefully the first kidney transplant in a Covid survivor in the state


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Manipal Hospital Goa has successfully undertaken the first kidney transplant and the donor surgery was done by laparoscopy for the very first time in Goa. The surgical team was led by Dr. Deepak Dubey an alumnus of Goa Medical College and the Chairperson of Urology services across the Manipal Group. Dr. Dubey mentored the surgical team comprising of Urologist Dr Madhav Sanzgiri, Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr Jagannath Kulkarni and Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr Rakesh Deshmane. The complex Transplant Anesthesia was managed by Dr. Divya Mahaldar, Dr. Savita Sanzgiri and Dr. Yogesh Gawde along with Dr. Dalia Bhandare.

This spousal transplant was preoperatively worked up and managed post-procedure by Dr Amol Mahaldar. Speaking about the case, Dr. Amol Mahaldar, Nephrologist & Transplant Physician, Manipal Hospitals, Goa said “We are elated to successfully perform the first kidney transplant in a COVID survivor in the state. The patient was diagnosed to have diabetic kidney disease and his wife was ready to donate for him. A set back was when he got Covid-19 infection which was managed with isolation dialysis and home Isolation with strict monitoring. After he recovered from Covid-19, we couldsuccessfully perform laparoscopic kidney donation (Another first in the State) and send the Donor home in day 3 to full mobility. Recipient went home on day 10 and has now Completed 5 months and even received the Covid- 19 Vaccination. He has now resumed duty in Konkan RailwayCorporation.

Laparoscopic nephrectomy donors experienced significantly shorter hospitalizations, less pain, felt able to return to work and normal routines sooner, and needed significantly less assistance during the recuperation period than did open nephrectomy donors.’ This is the conclusion of international experts and this technique has been available in major cities in India for several years now but never done in Goa.

Dr. Deepak Dubey, HOD & Consultant- Urology, Robotic Surgery and Renal Transplantation said, “Goan patients suffering from the end-stage renal disease will now have the state of art facilities for renal transplant. Laparoscopic donor harvesting of kidneys will save the donor from much pain and discomfort compared to the open operation. As it is, they are doing a noble act of donating their organ to a loved one. The process should therefore be conducted least painfully”

Adding to this, Mr. Manish Trivedi, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals, Goa said, “Manipal Hospitals is devoted towards clinical excellence, patient-centricity, and ethical practices. The commitment to clinical excellence is palpable in the high calibre of the team of medical practitioners which has given a new ray of hope to the patients of end-stage kidney disease in Goa. Manipal Hospital Goa announced the conduct of the first successful Kidney Transplant in the hospital. There were many new heights scaled whilst achieving this milestone. I would like to congratulate the entire team of doctors, nursing staff, paramedical and support services team for making sure that the surgery is conducted successfully.”

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