Luizinho Faleiro did not meet any party leader in Delhi nor there is any proposal: Congress


Panaji: Congress party on Tuesday rubbished the news that Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Luizinho Faleiro met Congress leaders in Delhi.

Former Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar said that there was no such meeting of Faleiro in Delhi.

He also ruled out that there is any proposal from Faleiro’s side or from Congress for his entry in the party.

Chodankar said that the rumours are being spread without any base across the state.

Rumours were rife about Faleiro meeting Congress leaders in Delhi.

GPCC Chief Amit Patkar and Congress Legislative Party leader Yuri Alemao were not available for their comments on the issue.


  1. Congress is getting ready for the hat-trick. They successfully formed the Congress Janata Party Government two times in a straight election (2017 & 2022). Now Congress don’t want to miss the straight third time chance to form the Congress Janata Party in 2027. So Congress is getting ready from the grassroots to form the Congress Janata Party for the Third Time.


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