Lifetime Cabinet Status to Pratapsingh Rane: Legal Notice Served on CS



Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today served a legal notice on the Chief Secretary of Goa in connection with the notification issued on 7th January this year granting lifetime rank of Cabinet status to Mr. Pratapsingh Rane.

Pointing out that the notification was absolutely illegal, patently unconstitutional without jurisdiction and a very blatant disgusting abuse of Power, Adv. Rodrigues has given the Government seven days to withdraw the notification failing which he would be constrained to move the High Court for appropriate orders.

Stating that this unprecedented lifetime cabinet status is an unwarranted heavy financial burden on the State exchequer, Adv. Rodrigues in his notice has submitted that by virtue of cabinet status Pratapsingh Rane is entitled to over a dozen staff besides an official car, office and all other benefits on par with a Cabinet Minister.

Adv. Rodrigues has in his notice further alleged that bestowing this lifetime cabinet status was a fraud on the Constitution of India as it violates the spirit and intent of the 91st Amendment to the Constitution meant to restrict the size of the Cabinet.

Adv. Rodrigues has also stated that it is a known fact that this lifetime cabinet status has been accorded hurriedly and without application of mind by the current government with vested political motives in rank contravention of law and to the detriment of the State exchequer.

Stating that this personal handout at the expense of the taxpayer is not based on any laid down criteria under the Constitution but instead is a golden handshake for favours received or in anticipation thereof by the ruling party in Government, Adv. Rodrigues in his notice has also stated that it was very appalling that despite the State coffers being empty, the government has acted so very high-handedly in bestowing lifetime cabinet status to Pratapsingh Rane in total breach of law.


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