Innocent people are burnt on street while CM is busy reviving Marina, Coal, IIT projects against wishes of Goan’s


Panjim: When an innocent person is burnt alive on the road and girl is made to drink disinfectant by unruly elements, there cannot be any low for the Law and Order situation in the State, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar said.

Chodankar has pointed out to the numerous crimes being unleashed, day in and out, in the State, making it unsafe and leaving the people panicky even in their own homes.

A person who was walking on the road at Torda was burnt to death, girl was forced to drink disinfectant, mutilated corpse of a girl child was found on Siridao beach, murders have become a regular affair with police investigations failing to crack the cases.

He said that Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant has lost his grip over the Home Department due to his inefficiency to govern the State due to which the lawlessness is increasing.

While on one hand, BJP government has failed to fight back COVID-19, resume economic activities, address problem of unemployment, assure law and order, continue with the social welfare schemes, on the other hand, CM is unsuccessfully attempting to lure people with the superficial India Shining kind of “Swayampoorna Goa” campaigns. The focus has been lost on governance, Chodankar said.

In the name of restarting tourist season, much before even visitors could arrive, the drug paddlers have settled back in their places waiting with prying eyes for gullible tourists.

The drug trade is back with its full vigour in the coastal belt with police nexus in some parts is complete evident, he said.

The activists are on the street as CM is all out to sold the coastal state to coal lobby. People are agitating to protect Goa from Coal pollution, protecting agricultural land, environment but CM has been busy with his ‘evil designs’ of reviving projects like Marina at Nauxi, Chodankar said.

“Considering this deteriorating conditions we strongly demand with Chief Minister either should take strong corrective measures or step down to protect our Goa for present and future generations.”

Girish Chodankar


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