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Illegal scrap yards: Director of Panchayat contradicts his own order, Colvale Sarpanch Nityanand Kandolkar resigns

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Colvale: After a prolonged battle with the State authorities to get illegal scrap yards demolished, Colvale Sarpanch Nityanand Kandolkar finally gave up last week, and tendered his resignation from the post.

Kandolkar is a BJP leader and has been working to implement the order of Directorate of Panchayat, which had asked the local panchayat to demolish illegal scrap yards.

Incidently, same Directorate of Panchayat gave stay on the order of Colvale panchayat, creating a bizarre situation.

Speaking to www.goanewshub.com, Kandolkar said that he resigned from the post as a protest, but has not given up the fight against illegal scrap yards, which has encroached the green lands.

“I will be filing Public Interest Ligitation in the High Court against the illegal scrap yards,” he said.

The saga of illegal scrap yards indicates the corruption in the state government. Despite being illegal, they have electricity connection.

They are located below the High Tension line and Fire and Emergency Services has warned of bigger casualty because of them.

But despite that they are still existing.

Kandolkar said that there are 50 such yards in Colvale area.

What was a turning point is that Directorate of Panchayat had issued order to the Panchayats to clear illegal scrap yards in their area.

Colvale panchayat issued stop order, show cause notice and demolition order. The scrap yard owners approached Directorate of panchayat. And ironically, the same Directorate of Panchayat stopped the demolition, he said.

Narayan Gad was the Director of Panchayat who has passed this controversial order.


CM’S intervention also didn’t work


Kandolkar approached Chief Minister accompanied by local MLA Nilkant Halarnkar. CM assured to look into the matter, but yards continue there.

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