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If you are getting the position respectfully, what’s wrong in becoming CM, questions Dhavalikar

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Margao: In what could be taken as a hint of MGP opening its door towards Congress to form the next government, the party President Deepak Dhavalikar said that it is not wrong to take the position of CM, if you get it respectfully and with the support of 21 legislators.

Dhavalikar was talking in a weekly program Prime Rajkaran on Prime Media Goa. The program is shot in association with G R Kare College of Law, Margao. The show would be aired on Wednesday.

“If anyone has a capability of becoming the Chief Minister, then he should be. It is politics, wherever you get the position with respect and you have support of 21 legislators then what is the harm in taking it. You should take it and work for the sake of people,” the MGP President said.

He said that the post of Chief Minister is taken not for personal gain but to work for the people of the State. “Sudin has worked for the people during last 18 years,” he said.

Responding to various questions, Dhavalikar said that the MGP had projected Sudin as CM face during 2017 Assembly Elections and had their voting percentage increased from seven to 13 per cent.

“Even for next election we will have Sudin Dhavalikar as our chief minister. He is most senior minister. He is there for 20 years. Even today I am saying that Parrikar should hand over the charge to Sudin. People have witness the development that he has done for the State,” he said.

Dhavalikar alleged that Sudin would have got the charge of the State in absence of Parrikar but it was objected to by Goa Forward Party.

“I am friends with Vijai Sardesai but party politics or when it comes to forming the government, if you require to clash with someone, you should do it. Today, Sudin could have got the charge but would have become deputy chief minister but that is not happening because of these people,” he alleged.


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