IDC to withdraw cases against five SEZ promoters. 

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Panaji: Industrial Development  Corporation (IDC) today resolved to withdraw all the cases filed against five sez promoters, who have already handed over their land back to government.

Industries Minister vishwajit rane said that directions are issued to IDC to implement the decision of the cabinet that had resolved to withdraw cases against SEZ promoters, immediately. 

He said that the decision to withdraw the cases was taken during late CM Manohar Parrikar chaired cabinet. 

IDC has already taken back land from Inox Mercantile Company (5,20,832 sq mts), Peninsula Pharma Research Centre (2,00,000 sq mtrs), Planetview Mercantile Company (12,36,000sq mtrs), K Raheja & Corporation( 10,59,000 sq mtrs) and Paradigm Logistics & Distribution (3,86,665 sq mtrs).

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