High voltage drama as Sankalp Amonkar’s supporters catch people distributing Vitamin M



Mormugao: The election for Mormugao Municipal Council took a different turn on Thursday when supporters of Congress leader Sankalp Amonkar caught two people distributing cash.

Amonkar claimed that both the persons were   affiliated to BJP backed candidate Murari Bandekar who were caught while distributing cash in ward no 8, hands over envelopes, list of names and mobile phone to the flying squad.

Sankalp Amonkar supporters on Thursday afternoon caught two people associated with BJP Backed candidate Murari Bandekar red handed while distributing money to people in ward no 8. The two people were later identified as one Irshad Shaikh and Sagar .

Amonkar later arrived at the site and prevented his supporters from taking any step and also.called the flying squad

” We have caught them red handed and they began running onto someone’s house after seeing us. We seized the envelopes from them that had names written  with cash inside. They have been distributing money in this area and they also had a list of names on pages . We have also called the flying squad and handed over the entire set of envelopes that may have around 1.5 lakhs cash and also handed over the phone. We demand strict action on these people so that others learn a lesson ” said Amonkar.


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