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Govt shielding Porvorim land grab accused: Rohan Khaunte

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Porvorim: Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte has accused the BJP of shielding the accused involved in land grab scam at Porvorim.

Khaunte said that the BJP is acting like a ‘washing machine’ by taking in those involved in the land grab scam and later designating them as their worker or even given them a ministerial berth.

He also accused government machinery including Deputy Collector and local Police Inspector of supporting the land grab by refusing to take action against the complaints filed with them.

The MLA said that during his tenure as Revenue Minister, he had began process to take action against those involved in the land grab scam.

“When I was revenue minister I had started taking action. Now the BJP has got a new washing machine. We have seen that those who are booked for such kind of cases or involved in scams are put in the BJP washing machine and are turned into their workers or given ministerial berths,” he commented.

Khaunte said that the land grab scam reported at Porvorim was “one of its kind.” giving a bad name to Porvorim constituency.

He stated that the complaints were filed with the Deputy Collector giving him details like survey number but District Administration failed to take action within a time frame.

Khaunte also said that Porvorim Police Inspector was hand in gloves with the criminals, which is clearly seen from his action to refuse to register the cases filed in land grab scam & take strict action on them

“PI is more interested in ensuring that those people who are indulged in scam go scot free,” he said.

Khaunte gave a deadline of 48 hours to take action in the landgrab scam where the illegal plotting is done by using forged Power of Attorney.

The MLA said that he would be raising this issue during the upcoming Assembly Session. “I am requesting the CM, to act on such cases immediately and stop using them to his Partys advantage” he said adding that he would demand action against the Police Inspector on the floor of the House.

Khaunte said that his office is also in process to initiate legal action in this matter.


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