Goencho Avaaz officially registered as a political party under the name Goencho Swabhiman Party


Panaji:Goencho Avaaz is now an officially registered political party by the Election Commission of India under the new name of Goencho Swabhiman Party. Swapnesh Sherlekar, President of the newly registered Goencho Swabhiman Party made this announcement at a press conference held today and explained that objections raised by vested interests of rival political parties was the reason for the delay in registration and for the party name change.
Sharing his thoughts on the announcement, Sherlekar further said: ‘We are pleased to offer Goans a credible and clean regional party that Goa seriously needed more than ever before. We believe that Goa will be safe and prosperous only in the hands of a committed, competent and non-corrupt regional party. A party that has emerged from a group that has a track record of working with affected people on the ground besides serving as Goa’s only effective opposition in recent times. GSP looks forward to offering Goans a new credible Regional Political option, that understands local issues that are unique and dear to Goa. My commitment to Goans today is that Goencho Swabhiman Party will place due emphasis on preserving Goa, and regaining our lost “swabhiman” whilst making the well-being of Goans first priority. Given the fact that Goa has come to the point of no return, and that survival of the state and its people is hanging by a thread, the need of the hour is a political party that serves as the custodian of public interest and operates from a deep desire to do right by Goa. Goencho Swabhiman Party will bridge that gap.’’
Sherlekar also explained that the time, energy and effort needed to fire fight the on-going vexatious issues from outside the political system like corruption, environmental destruction through 3 linear projects, serious water problem across Goa and particularly in Bardez taluka, Regional Plan, TDR, 16B, total absence of law and order were not commensurate with the results achieved. Hence, the decision was made to go political and to ensure that Goencho Swabhiman Party candidates will have a presence on the floor of the assembly, which would enable them to study and address implications of policies at conceptualisation stage before being unleashed on the state.
‘’As a party of Goans, for Goans and by Goans, Goencho Swabhiman Party is in the unique position of truly understanding the day-to-day travails that are faced by the average Goan. Although we are fledgling in our political experience, our members are all bound by a common love for Goa and a sense of responsibility that motivates them to do their bit to preserve and protect Goa for our future generations. For the assembly 2022 elections, we have already announced two candidates and we will be announcing the names of other candidates shortly. We have launched a membership drive and urge Goans to support us and work with us so that we can together protect our Goa from the destruction unleased upon it and build it in a way that we can all be proud of. We specifically wish to invite all the likeminded individuals, associations, groups who have worked with us in the past to come and join forces to defeat this Capitalists controlled Government and for protecting the interest of our state and our people.’’ concluded Sherlekar.
Roshan Mathias, Vice President of Goencho Swabhiman Party said: ‘Today, ushers a new era for Goans as they finally have a regional party that will work for them. We remain committed to preserving the unique identity of the state, promoting unity in diversity and upholding democratic values. In service of its fellow Goans, Goencho Swabhiman Party will foster a spirit of togetherness to create a community that builds a Goa that everyone can be proud of. As the people’s candidate of choice for Calangute constituency, I am excited about what we can offer people through policies that will help fuel their economic prosperity whilst taking care of their health, educational needs and cultural identity. In conclusion, I will say to my fellow Goans – the change is here. The choice is yours!’’


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