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Goans are intelligent and will vote as per their conscience, prices of Fuel ,LPG can come down by 50 percent if got under GST – Digambar Kamat at Vasco


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Vasco:- Leader of Opposition and Former CM Digambar Kamat on Sunday evening said People of Goa are smart and know who is contesting elections only to divide votes. Kamat was speaking to reporters during a massive rally to demand a roll back on skyrocketing prices of fuel and LPG cylinders .

Hundreds of people from Mormugao Taluka on Sunday evening braved incessant rains to participate in a protest rally organised by GPCC in association of Marmagoa Block Congress Committee as a part of AICC nationwide protest. Vice President Sankalp Amonkar was incharge of the protest against rising prices of fuel and LPG cylinders.

Kamat said that the poor and middle class people had been finished as they BJP Government did not offer any package. Kamat also added that if the Fuel and LPG cylinders were brought under GST, the prices would be reduced considerably.

GPCC President Girish Chodankar speaking to media said that the country was regretting the decision to elect Narendra Modi. Chodankar said that prices of Fuel was rising 65 times and prices of fuel had been increased by 800 percent and that the BJP Government instead of helping the people had begun looting pockets from local people already suffering in the pandemic. Chodankar said that Acche Din was a jhumla and people were looking forward to the previous days of congres. He said Government has collected over Rs. 36 Lakh Crores in the name of Fuel taxes. Actually prices of Petrol & Diesel is around Rs. 36 per liter.

GPCC Vice President Sankalp Amonkar said that slogan on the LPG cylinder ” Respecting a woman’s dignity had no meaning when the prices of LPG cylinders were reaching the sky.
Amonkar thanked all his supporters who gathered in hundreds to attend the protest rally against fuel prices.

Mahila Congress president Beena Naik criticised BJP Government for making women suffer due to inflation while YC president Varad Mardolkar raised issues of suffering of youths due to loss of jobs and business.

GPCC Vice President Altinho Gomes, General Secretary Amarnath Panjikar, District President Joe Dias, Nitin Chopdekar, Secretary Morenas Rebello also spoke. Block president Mahesh Naik proposed vote of thanks.

Women protesters used Goa’s traditional Dhol Tasha for protesting while youths carried Maruti Car on cart to register the protest. They also used PM Narendra Modi’s speech asking people whether prices of petrol Diesel has been reduced and whether people have started saving money. Various slogans demanding reduction of fuel prices were also raised. The State level protest which began from Rukmini building Baina culminated near Ravindra Bhawan due to rains which was to culminate in city.

Other prominent among those present PCC General Secretary Janardhan Bhandari, Mohan Dhond, ZP candidate Harshad Dessai, Vithu Morajkar, Sachin Parab, Councillors Shradha Amonkar, Yogita Parcekar, various Block Presidents, District Office bearers, Mahila & YC office bearers.

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  1. Congress & BJP are Husband & Wife. They fight with each other like husband & wife but they love each other like husband & wife. Fighting with each other has nothing to do when it comes to support each other. Example has already been set by Congress & BJP to the people of Goa. Today there are only 3 Congress MLAs left with the Congress out of 17. Congress helped BJP to form its Government. Congress don’t see the sufferings of Goans because Love is Blind. But Congress sees the sufferings of BJP and help BJP to form the Government.


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