Goa TMC leader Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco calls for people’s support to defeat BJP, says to take on divisive forces, one needs a strong one-on-one fight which only TMC can give


Leading from the front, Goa TMC leader Shri Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco today sought the people’s support to wipe out the BJP from the state. At a press conference held at his residence in Curtorim today with Lok Sabha MP and AITC Goa in-charge Smt Mahua Moitra and AITC Rajya Sabha MP Smt Sushmita Dev by his side, Shri Reginaldo said, ‘When taking on divisive forces, you need a strong one on one fight.’

Addressing the media in his home constituency, Shri Reginaldo reiterated that his decision to dump the Congress and join the TMC stemmed out of a single-minded urge to defeat the BJP and serve the people better. He said, ‘I’ve joined the TMC in the interest of my people because it’ll pave the way for a better future which is something Congress is not interested in. Every time I urged Congress to unite and play the role of a strong opposition, they turned a deaf ear. Only TMC has the intent to fight the BJP and I’m confident that my people will stand by me in this.’

Applauding Shri Reginaldo’s gumption, Smt Mahua Moitra noted, ‘The people of Curtorim have given Reginaldo, not to the TMC, but to the future of Goa. I applaud him for his courage, for having joined the right path and the right movement. Today, the fight is not just for the people of Curtorim, but for the people of India. This is a fight that is not just a political fight, rather a moral fight, a cultural fight, even a spiritual fight.’

Applauding Shri Reginaldo for his credibility, she added, ‘Even when the Congress was left with 3 MLAs, Reginaldo stayed loyal to the party. Despite that, even after 5 years, Congress doesn’t know who the fight is against. He has taken the right decision at the right time because TMC is not here to rule the people, but to give Goans hope in its fight against the BJP.’

In her first press conference in the poll-bound state, Smt Sushmita Dev welcomed Shri Reginaldo into the party-fold. She noted that, ‘Reginaldo’s community was being neglected in the Indian National Congress. Today, his strength is the work he has done in service of the people and I want to assure him and his supporters that the Goa TMC stands by him in this fight against the fascist BJP.’

Referring to Mamata Banerjee’s unprecedented triumph over the BJP in Bengal, she added, ‘BJP is a ‘jumla’ party and in the entire nation, there is just one woman who has defeated the BJP consistently, election after election – Mamata Banerjee. And we will do the same here in Goa as well.’


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