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GFP pledges to forge alternate alliance against BJP by Diwali  


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Panaji: Taking a dig at the Congress,  Goa Forward Party (GFP) Chief Vijai Sardesai on Sunday pledged to forge alternative alliance to defeat BJP in Goa by this Diwali.

Addressing a Navaratri gathering at his constituency of Fatorda in South Goa on Sunday evening, Sardesai accused principal opposition party, that is Congress, of “abdicating its duty and responsibility” to heed the call of alliance with them.

“For the last two years, we (GFP) have been rooting forcefully for an united Team Goa to challenge and defeat the corrupt and anti-Goan BJP, before it destroys the State completely,” Sardesai said in his speech.

The GFP chief said “Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears with the principal opposition abdicating its duty and responsibility to heed the call or at least come half way to fulfill this strong desire of the people to throw out the BJP.”

Sardesai said that it is a “shame” that principal opposition party is not showing any interest in the pre-poll alliance.

“It’s a shame. But we cannot sit idle forever and waste time because of the inefficiency and indecision of others,” he commented.

“To save Goa from complete ruin, we have to act. We Goemkars (Goans) have to awaken the Durga in each of us,” he appealed to the gathering.


Sardesai said that the fundamental objective must be to defeat the BJP at any cost, and we have to become street fighters on every Goan street to achieve that.

Referring to the mythological demon whose effigy is burnt, as a tradition before Diwali in Goa, Sardesai said “Narkasur has to be destroyed and we need all the help we can get.”

“This is not the time to think about our careers and personal betterment but that of the future of Goa and the betterment of Goemkars (Goans),” he commented.

The GFP has three MLAs in 40-member House. The party had supported then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to form government post 2017 election but was later dropped from the cabinet in 2019 by current CM Pramod Sawant.  #Goa #VijaiSardesai #Goanews #News #Update #Fatorda #Congress #Alliance

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