Free water scheme benefits 56 per cent Goan consumers: CM


Panaji: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told the House on Monday that 56 per cent of the consumers were benefitted with the free water supply scheme introduced by his government.
He also told the Assembly that the state has borrowed well within the limit, while claiming that the there is increase in the funds allocated from the centre to the state.
Sawant was addressing the Session during passing of Demands for Grants of Rs 775 crores. Goa government has introduced 16,000 litres of free water per month from September 01, 2021 onwards.
The Chief Minister said that total 56 per cent of the consumers were benefitted with zero Bill, due to free 16,000 litres of water per month.
He said that the State government works on the lines of Save Water for Free Water. Sawant said that those who are misusing the water would be billed, while those who are using it reasonably will not get any bill.
The chief minister, who also holds Finance Portfolio, said that of the total Rs 3,200 crore borrowing limit, the state has borrowed Rs 1,100 crore till date.
“We have borrowed well within the time limit,” he said.
Sawant said that the state has received Rs 97.66 crore of special assistance during the current financial year, while projects of Rs 37 crore has been sent to the Central government.
He said that the state government has paid 90 per cent of the Bills, raised till June 2021, of various departments and government run corporations.
Sawant said that Central government has approved Rs 300 crore under Goa at 60 program to commemorate 60 years of Liberation, of which Rs 100 crore have been received by the State.
Bringing in financial prudence, the Chief Minister said that the state has reduced the interest on the loan, it has borrowed, from 13 per cent to 8 per cent.
Sawant said that the state government has continued with all its Social Security schemes while subsidies for all the schemes are also being paid in time.


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