Following Lord Ram: Wisdom for a Joyful Life


Ayodhya: As Ayodhya prepares for a significant event honoring Goddess Shri Ram, let’s delve into the life of Lord Ram, born to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya in Ayodhya. Lord Ram, a remarkable son and prince, showcased his strong commitment to doing what’s right by agreeing to leave the kingdom and endure 14 years in the forest to fulfill his father’s promise to Queen Kaikeyi, even in the face of challenges.

Transitioning from the kingdom to the forest with his wife Sita and brother Laxman, Lord Ram’s life, narrated in the Ramayana, resembles a tale of good versus evil. His friendship with Hanuman underscores the importance of loyalty and devotion in overcoming obstacles. The central part of Ram’s life story revolves around rescuing his wife, Sita, from the demon king Ravana, imparting lessons on trust, loyalty, and devotion.

In our daily lives, we can draw inspiration from Lord Ram by staying committed to doing what’s right and being responsible, especially during difficult times. Cultivating strong friendships and demonstrating loyalty, akin to the bond between Ram and Hanuman, can help us navigate challenges. Additionally, striving for fairness and justice while upholding values of trust and devotion contributes to personal growth. Adhering to these principles from Lord Ram’s life can lead to becoming better individuals, potentially bringing joy to Shri Ram.

Written by : Ravi Kamat
Panjim Goa


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