Experience Goa’s rich cultural heritage at the Goa Heritage Festival 2023 in Saligao, from April 28-30, 2023.


Panaji: The Goa Heritage Festival is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the Indian state of Goa. This festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world who come to witness and participate in the vibrant and colourful festivities. The festival showcases a wide range of traditional Goan art forms, music, dance, cuisine, and handicrafts, providing a platform for the local community to showcase their unique traditions and customs. In 2023, the Goa Heritage Festival promises to be an even more exciting and enriching experience, with a line-up of new and innovative events and activities that will offer visitors a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of this beautiful state. Hosted by the state’s Department of Tourism, the three-day event will be held from April 28 to April 30, 2023, in the picturesque Saligao village in North Goa.

“The Goa Heritage Festival truly captures the essence of our rich cultural heritage, showcasing the vibrant traditions and customs that make Goa so unique. The performances, art forms, and culinary delights on display here are a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of the local community. It’s an immersive experience that truly celebrates the spirit of Goa,” said Shripad Naik, Hon. Minister of State for Tourism and Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Govt. Of India at the inaugural function.

He was accompanied by Rohan Khaunte, Hon. Minister for Tourism, ITE&C, Printing & Stationery; Nilkanth Halarnkar, Hon. Minister for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Factories and Boilers.

“I am delighted to be a part of the Goa Heritage Festival, where the beauty of Goa’s heritage comes alive. This festival not only preserves our cultural heritage but also offers a platform for artists to showcase their talents. The diverse range of events, from traditional dances to handicrafts, showcases the incredible artistic capabilities of the Goan people. It’s a celebration that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends,” said Rohan Khaunte.

Other dignitaries including Delilah Lobo MLA, Siolim; Kedar Naik MLA, Saligao; Carlos Alvares Ferreira, MLA, Aldona ; Sanjeev Ahuja, (IAS) Secretary, Tourism; Suneel Anchipaka, (IAS) Director, Tourism, MD, GTDC, Brijesh Manerkar; Sandeep Bandodkar, ZP member; Nilesh Shah, TTAG Chairman and local panch members also attended the inaugural function.

The opening ceremony of the Goa Heritage Festival 2023 included a brass band, tying of Phetas, and a procession with folk instruments to welcome everyone present. The Kalarang group from Ponda welcomed the guests in a traditional way, followed by a Romtamel performance featuring dhol tasa and ghode modni. The dignitaries were then taken for a round of stalls before being taken to the main stage, where they were felicitated with bouquets and asked to light a lamp. Balloons with special effects were released.

The Goa Heritage Festival 2023 featured performances by the Kalarang group from Ponda, showcasing traditional Goan folk dances like Naman, Dekhni, Dhulpot, Ghode Modni, Talgadi, Goff, Morulo, and more. Carlos Gonsalves also performed ‘Talking Drums’, a percussion performance that added a unique flair to the festival. Additionally, the Goan band Purple Rain performed, entertaining the audience with their music. These performances added to the vibrancy of the festival and showcased the rich cultural heritage of Goa.

The day 2 of The Goa Heritage Festival will have a line-up of diverse events and performances. One of the highlights will be the Konkani movie, “Amche Noxib.” A cookery competition will also be held, coordinated with a local MLA. The festival will also feature a semi-classical program called Bhangrale Goem, which showcased the Goan folk lifestyle, festivals, and culture in a musical format, performed by Dr. Purnanand Chari. The renowned Goan singer Lorna and her troupe will perform, followed by a band called The Imperial, making for an entertaining evening of music and cultural performances. These events showcase the rich culture and entertainment that Goa has to offer.

The festival aims to highlight the vibrant culture and heritage of Goa and provide a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the state’s traditions and heritage. It’s a must-visit event for anyone who wants to experience the best of Goa’s cultural and entertainment offerings.


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