Drugs are available on roadside kiosks: Mauvin Godinho


Porvorim: Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho on Wednesday told the House that narcotics were being sold on roadside carts allowed in different panchayats.

Godinho was responding to a question tabled by MGP MLA Sudin Dhavalikar during ongoing budget session.

“Drugs are also available on the kiosks. I will take action against these kiosks,” Godinho told the House.

“We should check the antecedents of the people who are sub let these kiosks. They have criminal records. Some of them are goons,” the minister said.

“Only those with domicile certificate (of being Goan origin) should be given kiosks,” he said adding that 95 per cent of the kiosks are sub let to the non-Goans by the owner.

During the discussion, Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte questioned why Godinho was shying away from forcing the panchayats to create hawkers’ zone in their respective jurisdiction.

“The government should have fined  the panchayats which are not creating hawkers zone,” Khaunte said.

Godinho said that in three months government will formulate the policy where all the kiosks will have uniform designs.


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