Drishti Lifeguards asks tourists not to venture into sea for 48hours


Panaji:  As IMD warna of heavy rains, thundershowers, lightening and gusty winds, Drishti lifeguards advise people not to venture along the beach and rocky areas for the next 48 hours due to rough weather conditions.

Presently all beaches have red flags posted indicating they are no swim zones

Sea conditions are expected to be rough with gusty winds and unusually strong rip and underwater currents. The last few days have seen a number of instances where visitors have been drawn into the waters due to a rip current and have had to be rescued. There have been 86 rescues so far in October 2019

The rough seas due to the monsoons lead to massive soil erosion leading to shallow and deep troughs being formed in the beach bed, usually  where the waves break. Unsuspecting swimmers and visitors who wade into the sea may walk into such a trough.

Visitors are cautioned to listen to lifeguards instructions an stay away from the sea for the next 48 hours.


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