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Don’t politicize the issue, senitisation tunnel had approved disinfectant: Rohan Khaunte

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Porvorim: Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte rubbished the politicking over the installation of senitisation channel by him in his constituency. He said that the disinfectant used by him in the tunnel was approved by experts.

Khaunte said that last weekend, he had started senitisation tunnel in his constituency.

“We have been thinking out of the box. Other than one which I installed in my office and took it house to house in my constituency.”

“The idea was to create awareness amongst people. We should not move out, just because we consider Goa as a green zone,” he said.

The aim was to inform the people that there is requirement of social distancing, Senitisation, wearing of masks and others.

“We had ensured that this tunnel was using FDA approved senitiser. Looking at the response, there was attempt to politicize the issue and statements were issued that these tunnel senitisers were not approved.”

“These tunnels were already there in panchayat of valpoi. I thought it fit to right to write to health minister and give him the details.”

“We have not used any chemical which will have problem on human body. We were using product which was allowed. The liquid was FDA approved and used as disinfectant. I wrote to cm and health minister,” Khaunte said.

“They should have been asking if any clarity required. This was innovation from Goan.

Scientists across the spectrum has accepted it,” he said.

Khaunte said “I would urge cm to have sensitive view. This helps not only in human senitisation but also gives right message.”

“We had used FDA approved senitiser. I am still expecting a reply. Let us be the first state to adopt it. let us put this in every area where humans are passing through.”


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