Do not let anyone divide your votes, says Manoj


Panaji: Revolutionary Goans Chief, Manoj Parab urged the people of Mayem to stay united and not divide their vote which might help BJP to win the upcoming Assembly elections. While other parties continue to struggle and make a meaningful impact in Mayem constituency, it is the Revolutionary Goans who are now leading the fight against BJP.
Revolutionary Goans General Secretary, Shrikrishna Parab explained the POGO Bill in detail and the works undertaken by Revolutionary Goans in the last few years.
“For the last 15 years the BJP MLA’s from Mayem constituency have failed to keep pace with development and this constituency has been totally neglected. The BJP’s sitting MLA from Mayem, Pravin Zantye and prior to him Anant Shet who served for two terms have miserably failed the people who elected them,” said Shrikrishna while addressing a gathering of 100-odd- people at a ward level meeting convened at Karapur recently.
Revolutionary Goans Supremo, Manoj Parab stressed on the importance of active participation by the locals in order to make this revolution a success.
“Women will play a very crucial role in this election as they comprise of 51% of the total in the state. Subsequent political parties have used these women just for their elections campaigns and rallies but done nothing at all to empower them. These elected representatives act like kings and take the locals for granted. We have a dream to empower women and make them financially independent through a systematic and sustainable model under our Stree Kranti wing. I urge you and your families to vote wisely and do not split your precious votes. This time in Mayem the fight will be between RG and BJP. No one else stands a chance here,” signed off Manoj.


  1. It is very sad to see some Goans are making RG a Hero just because RG says Ghati to Non-Goans. This is a Clear Cut Politics of Hates. Politics of Hates has no place in a Peaceful Goa. Goans don’t want violence, please. RG means 3 H’s = Hate, Hatred & Humiliations.


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