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Covid-19 Pandemic’s – Misunderstood Metrics by Ravi Kamat

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As we all know, it has been almost eight months since the Covid-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on us and made our life miserable. From leading a normal lifestyle to a lifestyle where wearing mask and sanitizing your hands is the new normal that has added up in the list. Two months of lockdown to curb the disease does not seem that effective onto the virus to prohibit its spread. We had never imagined that one virus would keep people away from their family and friends when one needs them the most. All the authorities and people are still clueless of the spread of the virus all over and till now no medications or vaccine has been found to treat it. The virus doesn’t seem to leave any stone unturned that it even affected our economy so badly. With almost two months of complete lockdown in the country with all the industries and people’s movement curbed, the economy also was at a halt. “No one could stop the world”  was once a saying until the Covid-19 pandemic.
Goa is a small state with a 1.5 million population and we are leading as far as the spread of the virus is considered as per million ratios, which seems to pose a danger to all of us. It looks like  people  are  least bothered about getting infected of Covid-19 as they happen to just disobey the guidelines put by the authorities. One of the reasons why Goa is known, is for fish, as it is also the staple food of Goa and that people crave about. Hence social distancing at markets at peak hours is just a myth and not a reality that we should take it into consideration, notwithstanding, the hike in cases every day as the state registers around 700 cases a day and on an average 10 deaths in 24hrs which is at an alarming rate. With cases increasing on one side and economical activities commencing back to normal, it’s our utmost responsibility to take precautions at all times. Blaming the government or authorities is not ideal when we fail to follow the guidelines laid down by them.
The virus has affected the lives of mankind so much so that it’s difficult to even earn bread and butter for ones living. With no economical activities operating during lockdown people have gone almost bankrupt with no signs of income, but more expenses. Just for the economical smoothness, the authorities have given a green signal for a few economical activities to start with proper health protocols and guidelines. As we say the damage has already been done and once the damage is done it’s difficult to put back things to normal soon. With economical activities being started there was hardly any business that people could take up as the fear in the minds of people constantly remains.
During the lockdown, there was hardly any transportation hence resulting in less environmental pollution. Many of us have also seen that our nature was healing to a great extent with human beings caged inside their homes. Nature that was being  burdened with a lot of artificial or we can say man-made elements that were harming nature were stopped completely and it was free and could breath peacefully, while the human beings were under the threat of virus. Earth was healing after decades of damage done by anthropogenic activities causing degradation to the natural health of mother earth. Pandemic shows us how nature was suffering and suffocating through the torture of humans.
Now since everything is opening up to normal, still we, humans haven’t learned yet and continue to harm and damage nature. We have been killing our nature like anything just in the name of development. Concretization by cutting down trees and mountains just for some big projects is the new trend that has started. Concretization at a wide range has begun to kill the ecosystem and natural beauty. If this continues then we are not far from another PANDEMIC that will soon hit us hard and this time with more damage. Development is needed but with more of preserving and sustaining the natural  ecosystem. Preserving nature and its natural beauty can help us a lot in many ways as far as health-related things are concerned and help us conserve our mother earth for future generations.


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