Congress slams government, says unemployment touches 35 per cent; still no dole


Panaji: The Congress has come down heavily upon the BJP government, questioning the reason behind the increase in unemployment rate in the state. Alleging that BJP government has announced ten thousand jobs eying Zilla Panchayat election, to influence young voters, the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Girish Chodankar has questioned Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to come clear on why the unemployment rate has reached to 35 per cent and why his government failed to give unemployment dole of Rs 4000 to 5000 as promised before assembly election.

Addressing a press conference along with GPCC vice presidents M. K. Sheikh and Dharma Chodankar in Panaji, Chodankar exposed the BJP government saying there is no budgetary provision for ten thousand jobs.

“If we calculate the minimum salary (of even an attendant post) then the government will require Rs. 350 crores annually to pay salaries of new entrants. From where and how they will be paid. This government is a liar and has been doing it whenever the elections are approaching.” Chodankar said.

“It is evident that jobs are announced to influence young voters. This manipulation is done without applying mind. They at least need to study things before they lie,” Chodankar said.

According to Chodankar, every month the government is borrowing crores of rupees to pay salaries.  “During last assembly election BJP had promised to  create 50 thousand jobs in five years. Now, they need to tell people and youth why they failed to give jobs in the last four years,” he said.

He said that Zilla Panchayat elections are part of democracy, hence it should be conducted. “But it is meaningless without people’s participation. We demand that the government should ensure that people’s safety and people participation is maintained with 70 to 80 percent voter’s turnout. Elections should not be at the cost of people’s lives. Hence the government should assess the situation with balanced mode. It should be free from fear of covid-19,” said.

Chodankar alleged that Government machinery is over active to influence voters, manipulate election process and electorate.

“We demand please release a dole of Rs 4000 to 5000 to unemployed persons, which was promised by them before releasing new jobs. Pay it to those who have also come from abroad after losing jobs,” demanded.

He said that faulty economic policies of the central government and financial mismanagement by Pramod Sawant have resulted in unemployment in the state.  “first time in history the unemployment rate of Goa reached 35 per cent. Forget about providing jobs, but people have lost existing jobs because of the Bjp government,” he said.

Chodankar also demanded that the government should release money to DSS pension beneficiaries, and also to Grih Adhar, and Laadali Laxami, which are pending for eight months and two years, respectively.

He also said that the government should pay heed to Seafarers demand for pension. “They are not paid for the last one year. They are suffering,” he said.

Chodankar also said that whenever election comes near, BJP announces that Mining will resume. “BJP has been telling this since 2012. I challenge Pramod Sawant to tell the exact date when mining will started,” he said.


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