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Congress should have done lungi dance in the assembly: Prashant Naik

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Panaji: Goa Forward Party’s General Secretary Prashant Naik has taunted that Congress legislators should have done lungi dance in the assembly after SEZ cases against their three senior leaders were withdrawn by the government.

Naik was addressing a press conference today along with party’s chief spokesman Trajano D’Mello.

“Three main SEZ scam guys were got scot free. They should have been celebrating in the assembly. Lungi wala (referring to Chellakumar) should also be happy and they should do lungi dance in the assembly,” GF party leader said.

“Why is congress silent now? Why there is no noise on this issue. These are the questions which congress needs to answer for the people of Goa,” he said.

Referring to the objection raised for amending TCP act by Congress yesterday on the floor of the House, Naik said that such an amendment was required to ensure that injustice meted out to Goans should have been cleared.

The land which was shown as settlement in RP 2001 was shown as green in 2021, pushing people to great difficulty, he said.

“There was no option for these people. It was sheer mistake on the part of then government to do so. The current amendment to TCP Act is to save people from facing agony,” he said.

Referring to the TDR, Naik said in rural Goa, there are so many orchard and forest lands. “Why not give them some benefits for keeping the land green. The land title and possession would remain with them. If Goans are benefitted why Congress is upset?,” he questioned.

He said that TDR policy is aimed at helping locals.


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