Coal Block consultant controversy, NGO objects to the appointment


Panaji: United Goans Foundation (UGF) has objected to the appointment of M/s aXYKno Capital Services  as a consultant for the Coal Block project at Madhya Pradesh by PPP Cell of Goa government.

In a letter to various authorities including Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, the UGF has requested the government to reconsider its decision to appoint a tainted firm as a consultant and rather appoint a company with clean reputation, failing which they would be forced to proceed against all Government servants involved in the process of selecting the tainted firm to represent the interest of the state of Goa in the event of any misdoing in the tender or the appointment process and future misadventures.

The NGO has pointed out that M/s aXYKno Capital Services is involved in the Coalgate scam which is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

“The credentials of the firm is circumspect in all manners as the are being probed for their involvement in the Coalgate affair by the CBI along with their earlier partners,” the letter reads.

The NGO has said “the very fact that the firm has been selected out of three and that too being selected squarely for their experiences in the same to prepare the RFP to appoint MDO for the project points out to a well planned conspiracy by the individuals in the PPP Cell headed by the Chief Minister.”

“The connections of the company is with the BJP is also the lens and specially being from Nagpur gives much credence to the fact that even this decision by the State BJP Government has much to do with some kind of BJP understanding.”

The UGF has pointed out that the Government of Goa on the earlier occasion has failed to take advantage of the earlier allocated coal block and this time too with the appointment of such maligned companies as consultants, the future looks bleak.


  1. Protestors who voted Congress, BJP, GFP, MGP, NCP, Independent & Regional Parties should vote AAP and ALL YOUR PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED IMMEDIATELY. This is the ground reality of Aam Aadmi Party. Same pro-People’s Government can be brought in Goa by rejecting BJP, Congress, Regional Parties & Independents.


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