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Candid confession of CM Pramod Sawant before Industrialists

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Pramod admitted Wednesday that the coastal state is not yet investor-friendly, but promised to put in single-window clearance system for industries within three months.

He was addressing a gathering of industrialists from the state during an event held as a prelude to the ‘Vibrant Goa’ summit in October.

“For the last several years, we have been trying to attract industrial investment through various initiatives like Investment Promotion Board or Industrial Development Corporation.

“The concerned government departments are doing their best to help investors but despite that there are so many difficulties that we encounter,” he said.

“As chief minister, I am accepting that there are problems,” he added.

“I have been interacting with people. I have visited most of the industrial areas and I have seen that they are facing problems,” said who took the state’s reins following the death of in March.

“I am positive that in the next three months all the systems related to single-window clearances would be in place,” he announced.

will be the single-point contact for all investors, the said.

“We will welcome pollution-free and employment- generating industries. The industries should create employment for locals,” he said, adding that unemployment was one of the biggest issues faced by the government.

“Though the government has given lots of plots to set up industries at subsidized rates, the employment generation through them is not much encouraging. Some people have leased out their plots while many have not fully utilized the plots allotted to them,” he said.

“There are several private plots that can be utilized for setting up industries. Henceforth, those interested in setting up industries in private plots would be allowed to do so,” he said.

“We have limited (number of) plots in the industrial estates. There is no …Several industrialists have their own private lands,” he said, adding that such lands can be used for setting up industries.

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