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Calangute Girl Death Case : Alex Reginald demands investigation by Goa Police under the supervision of Court


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Panaji : Almost a week after the semi-nude body of a Nachinola villager  teenager was found in a  semi-nude state at Calangute beach, MLA of Curtorim Alex Reginald slammed the government and Police for delay in getting justice for the family of the victim.
Reginald said “the investigation in the said case is totally directionless because our Goa Police has committed the gravest blunder by already claiming it as an unnatural death”.

 He has now demanded proper and professional investigation. “It must be supervised by court or judicial inquiry because cops have shown utter bias. Within two hours of the body being found the top cops were already trying to divert the matter,” alleged Reginald.
“The Cops gave verdict that it is a drowning and a suicide case without even investigating the victim’s  phone records. Why were the phone records not investigated ? Similarly before announcing it was a suicide did the cops investigate why and how  come the body had no clothes  especially Jean ,top which she wore etc?,” questioned Reginald.
Reginald said the probe in the case commenced only after Media pressure. He went on to question that “Why was the body having no marks on it not on record? Why are cops always victimising the victim and relatives? How can the cops  harass the victim’s family including her father?  Why are  our Goa cops not trained in handling victims and their families with sensitivity and kindliness ?. Why was this teen victim’s friend circle not probed initially?”
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