BJP to form the govt within next 4-5 days: MLAs


Panaji: Minutes after Congress leaders in Goa criticized BJP for failure to stake claim to the form the government, a group of BJP MLAs has said that the new government would be formed in Goa within next four to five days.

Congress leader Digambar Kamat on Friday had questioned the delay on the part of BJP to stake claim to form the government and had said that his party had kept all the options open to form non-BJP government in the state.

Responding to the statement, a group of BJP MLAs including Subhas Faldesai, Govind Gaude, Daji Salkar addressed a press conference, claiming that Congress, which has failed to elect its own legislature party chief in Goa, should not sermon BJP.

“BJP has won the mandate of the people with 20 seats. We will stake claim to form the government in next 4-5 days,” Faldesai said adding that BJP has “clear mandate” from the people of Goa to rule again.

The BJP leader said that the party has “absolute right” to stake the claim to form the government before the Governor.

Faldesai said that the Congress should concede the fact that their vote share has decreased in 2022 election, while that of BJP has increased which shows “complete mistrust by people on the Congress party.”

“The performance of Congress was so bad that their National President had to ask Girish Chodankar to step down,” he taunted.

Faldesai also questioned why Kamat was appealing all the non-BJP MLAs to join forces, through a press conference, wherein he should have done it by calling for a meeting.

The BJP leader said that the Congress should not hide their defeat behind the veil of “split of votes” excuse. “The split of votes has also affected BJP in the 2022 elections. Otherwise, we would have won on few more seats,” he added.


  1. MGP will get the benefits from the BJP and after 4 years MGP will resign from the BJP and MGP will contest election against the BJP. MGP is doing this for the BJP in the last every election.


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