BJP mocks at Congress’ act of keeping their candidates together


Panaji: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday mocked at Congress’ action  of trying to keep their flock together ahead of the counting of votes.

BJP Goa Spokesman Urfan Mulla said that the Congress is trying to keep its status of Leader of Opposition safe by trying to keep the flock together as the party will not cross single digit.

Mulla tweeted “it’s first time in political history that the Present Opposition Congress leaders have begun to keep their candidates together after knowing the fact that they are not crossing single digit the present exercise is to safeguard his opposition leaders’ status.”

When contacted, the BJP spokesman said that the congress was worried that they would be back to mere 2-3 MLAs after the counting as they were little before the election.

“The fact is that congress will not cross single digit. By keeping their candidates together, Congress is trying to ensure that they would at least stake claim for Leader of Opposition post,” he commented.

Mulla said that the BJP will win with absolute majority and form the government on its own.


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