BJP- Led government trying to gain mileag during pandemic, women and girls put at riske


Panaji: The BJP-led government is trying to get political mileage even during the tough times of the Covid pandemic by organising functions to distribute Ladli Laxmi Sanction letters.
The Revolutionary Goans Chief, Manoj Parab on Saturday, said breaking COVID-19 protocols, chaos was witnessed over Ladli Laxmi Sanction letters as applicants gathered at the Women and Child Development Department to collect their sanction letters.
“At a time when health experts have predicted we could witness another wave within the next fortnight these MLA’s are busy having functions to distribute sanction letters. Even during the pandemic times they are trying to gain political mileage by making these girls and women to gather in long ques violating all Covid-19 protocols. This is a total harassment towards the women of our state. Why are they not sending these sanction letters to the residential address of these applicants,” questions Manoj.
Revolutionary Goans highlight that this should be stopped and the government should respect the women and girls of our state and not treat them like beggars.
“Since this is an election year they are issuing sanction letter after keeping applications pending for four years. These Ladli Laxmi sanction letters are given by MLAs, but where is the money to release to these applicants. One can recall that earlier Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant had promised during the first wave of COVID to hike salaries of doctors and health staff by 20 per cent. This promise too has not been fulfilled as yet,” said Manoj.
First of all the state government has turned a blind eye towards adopting necessary measures in controlling the pandemic and even failed to build confidence among the public to get vaccinated.




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