BJP & Congress could neither match Kejriwal’s electricity guarantee nor dispute it: AAP


The Aam Aadmi Party welcomed the announcement by National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal regarding free electricity to Goans. State Convenor Rahul Mhambre stated that the ruling BJP Govt had no coherent comment on the issue, and its top leaders were left fumbling for a response.

“Despite being in power, BJP leaders could not promise any relief to Goans on the electricity bills in response to AAP’s assurance. So BJP have themselves acknowledged that they cannot match the guarantee given by Kejriwal.
Neither did they question whether AAP could fulfil such a big promise, as they know that the Delhi Govt has already fulfilled this promise where AAP is in power. So the BJP themselves admitted that Goans can definitely count on Kejriwal’s guarantee.” Mhambre said.

Mhambre castigated the Congress party also for creating false controversies during Kejriwal’s visit.
“It appears that AAP, and not BJP, is the Congress’s main target in Goa. The Congress party, which has itself raised the issue of high electricity bills in Goa earlier, was mum on Kejriwal’s guarantee and did not provide any criticism or assurance on the issue itself All it did was act as the B-team of BJP yesterday, by trying to create fake controversies and provide cover fire for the BJP to escape.”

Mhambre reminded that the promise of 300 units of free electricity would benefit a whopping 87% of Goan consumers, and added that there are no conditions or criteria for this benefit.
“No one will have to fulfil any conditions. No one will have to meet any income criteria. No one will have to make any application or visit any Govt office. No one will have to plead with any MLA. Every Goan family will get zero bill for consumption upto 300 units.”, Mhambre assured.

Mhambre added that Kejriwal 1st guarantee also includes the delivery of power, with a promise of 24×7 electricity supply and no power cuts. Mhambre also assured that old inflated bills and arrears would be waived, and that farmers would also get zero bills for electricity consumed for agriculture.

“We have done a complete study of the power sector in Goa. The free electricity scheme would cost less than 200 crores per year. The BJP can also do this if they want, but they would rather give 277 crores to their casino friends rather than allow 87% of Goans benefit”, Mhambre mocked.



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