All required measures are in place to protect Mhadei wildlife sanctuary: Vishwajit Rane



Panaji: Forest Minister Vishwajit Rane told the House on Thursday that all required measures are in place to protect wildlife and its habitat inside Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary.

Rane was responding to a question tabled by Revolutionary Goans Party MLA Viresh Borkar.

The minister said that all required measures to protect wildlife and its habitat inside Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary area is being carried out by Forest Department.

“For monitoring at Beat level, smallest functional unit of forest management, as per requirement wildlife trekkers are engaged with Forest Guard to combat and prevent illegal forest activities,” he said.

Rane said that the staff patrol areas within their respective jurisdictions day

and night to check forest and wildlife offences including poaching. Apart from

these protection measures, wildlife management activities such as habitat

improvement, management of waterholes, grass land areas, planting of

indigenous fruit bearing species, removal of noxious weed etc. are continuously being undertaken in these areas.

“ The beat guards employed in the sanctuary have been provided mSTIPES mobile app developed by Wildlife Institute of India for monitoring of wildlife. There are no CCTV installed in Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. However camera traps are installed for Wildlife Monitoring at identified sites,” he added.


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