Ahead of Chaturthi, Kadamba Transport resumes their bus services

Panaji : Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTC) has started their Goa to Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune buses from 1st September and will soon start buses to Mysore from 10th of September.
GM of KTC Sanjay L Ghate said, “Initially we were operating 94 buses from Karnataka to Maharashtra, but due to Covid-19 we had to stop these buses. we had started these buses in between but the passengers’ load factor was not up-to the mark.”
“we have good response from Belgaum, hence we are operating 7 buses per day,” he said.
“We have planned to start buses from Hyderabad but most of the passengers who come from there are IT employees, since they work from home they don’t require transport. If we get good booking response then we can think of starting,” said Ghate.
Ghate informed that, due to Chaturthi passengers are likely to increase from Begaum and Karwar,
Maharashtra has made it mandatory that only those passengers who have taken both the vaccines or have negative Covid19 report can travel “hence, we notify the passengers about the same by printing a disclaimer on the ticket,” he concluded.


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