AAP Delhi & Goa leaders certified that AAP is created by RSS for ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’: Chodankar



Panaji: The President of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee on Sunday stated that Aam Aadmi Party leaders in Goa & Delhi have loud and clearly accepted that ‘their party’ is created by RSS with one agenda of ” Congress Mukt Bharat”, to begin with Goa. This fact was also exposed by their own leaders who had left the party a month back.

“In Delhi, majority assembly seats are won by AAP and in Loksabha election the victory of seats goes to BJP. This also proves that both are teams of RSS.” He said.

Chodankar said that many Congress supporters, wellwisher, AAP volunteers, supporters and those who want to defeat BJP had approached us to take AAP along with us to defeat BJP. This was their wish to defeat BJP.

Although we tried to convince them that AAP is in Goa only to support BJP by splitting Congress votes, but they didnt get convinced. Anna Hajare had said in past that AAP used him to come to power, Mayank Gandhi and Prashant Bhushan had openly said that AAP is creation of RSS, these intellectuals took long time to ponder into Kejriwals political gimmicks, chicanery and his Role with RSS to understand his politic, Chodankar pointed out. If such intellectual can took a such a long to understand crooks, how can we expect common man of Goa can understand this politics ? Questioned Chodankar

“The hidden agenda of AAP was also exposed by its former Goa convenor Elvis Gomes and Pradeep Padgaonkar saying its the B team of BJP.” He said.

“But some people were still not getting convinced and continued approaching us. Finally bowing before sentiments expressed by people we assured them that I will give hint to AAP at appropriate time and their true colours will be exposed by themselves and they exactly did same thing.” Chodankar said adding now Cat is out of Bag without any doubts.

“AAP leader Manish Sisodia today said that Congress is finished in Goa, and nobody will vote us (Congress), this statement was also to help BJP. They are trying to garner our votes and help BJP. What they want is people to vote either AAP or BJP, which are A and B teams of RSS. So let anyone from them win, RSS will be in power. People need to understand this gimmick of RSS. Which sympathisers of APP and Congress have now understood” Chodankar said.

He said although they twisted his statement, he didnt wanted to disturb their communication. ” we wanted it to flow every nook and corner of Goa, so that anti BJP votes are not divided.” He said.

While clarifying his statement about the pre-poll alliance with AAP, he said: ” I had said that if the intentions of AAP were clear to defeat BJP, and if they take the lead then Congress would be open for talks. I had said this deliberately, so that AAP would react and would expose its hidden agenda .. This has become reality now and people have come to know that AAP was working to create hurdles for Congress.”

Chodankar said that AAP never had any intentions to defeat BJP, however it is trying to divide votes so BJP benefits. “AAP intention is clear to help RSS on a larger scale by damaging Congress. Their motto is Congress Mukt Bharat. No sooner their own leaders come to know about their agenda, they began to leave the party.” Chodankar said.

“Initially people didn’t believe us that AAP is B team of BJP. But now they have come to know about it after AAP has got exposed itself in Goa.” He said.

He even said that AAP leaders from Delhi came and met heads of other political parties, including BJP, but they never even thought of Congress. “They are not meeting us, because they want to damage us.” Chodankar said.



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