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AAP candidate Matilda D’Silva describes Aganwadis and Mohalla Clinics as her top priority

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Aam Aadmi Party candidate Matilda D’Silva has started her campaign in right earnest by visiting people at their houses in the villages and she is stressing on improving the anganwadis in the constituency besides promising to set up mohalla clinics in each ward.
Matilda pointed out to the pathetic condition of the anganwadis in Navelim where many of them do not have power supply and some do not even have drinking water connection. “We do not know the quality of the eatables provided to the children in these anganwadis,” she said.
She lamented at many places the children are forced to sit on the grounds as there is no proper place for them to sit and also disclosed that at some anganwadis even the roof tiles are missing while at many others the roof leaks.
“We have seen how the anganwadis operate in Delhi under Arvind Kejriwal and shall replicate the same model here where the children will get world class features at the place where they come,” she said while stating that she would repeat the Delhi model in Navelim.
Matilda also pointed out that the health services in Navelim are disappointing as the doctor very often is not available and the nurses inspect the patients. “I shall try to set up a Mohalla Clinic like the one in Delhi in every ward of my constituency,” she said while asking people to vote to AAP at the elections.


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