AAP Benaulim MLA Venzy Viegas strives for Commission Free Governance.



“Commissions Free Governance is possible. PWD and all other departments can work without taking any Commission.
First step of Commission Free Governance has started from Benaulim Constituency, which will continue in Velim Constituency and from there on will continue in all remaining Constituency all over Goa,” said Venzy Viegas, AAP MLA from Benaulim Constituency.

He is the first MLA who has highlighted this issue of Commission bringing forth many questions to be answered right from Contractors, Departments, Ministers and MLAs.

“In departments like PWD, WRD and so on, how many Goan Contractors are there presently?
How many were there around 15 years back?
Why are our Goan engineers not taking these tenders anymore?
When all these questions arised we interacted with many youths who are engineers by profession and were taking these contracts before but are not taking presently.

We realized that Commission is one prime factor that’s holding them back giving chance to others which leads to inferior development.
Government and Development is continuous process. It passes from one to other. Thus it’s the responsibility of a panch member or an MLA that he/she shall execute the passed on or sanctioned development works during the tenure with Zero Corruption and Commission.

Some days back we have started hot mixing of roads in Benaulim. Power to the people is what we believe. Our people are monitoring the development work. There is no more political intervention.
This decision is welcomed by all Benaulim people and in same way will be welcomed and acted upon by people of Goa. AAP believes in model of Commission Free Governance,” said Venzy.

While briefing press with Benaulim AAP MLA Venzy Viegas, AAP MLA from Velim, Engg Cruz Silva said,”Today we know that lot of development work are pending even after the work is being tendered. Contractors are saying we do not have money, we have paid Commission.
This is happening from time before and because of which we are seeing inferior work of roads and other development activities. Thus we in both Constituencies of Benaulim and Velim are taking this step of Commission Free Governance so that this concept of Commission is closed forever and quality with time bound work can be delivered to tax payers. Here not only people will benefit but Government will also benefit financially.”


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