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Locals demand traffic signal at Fulancho Khuris


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Panaji: Locals from around Bambolim have demanded to install Traffic Signals at Fulancho Khuris-Bambolim, as they are finding it difficult to cross roads here.

Fr. Benjamin Rock, Parish Priest of Curca Church, on Thursday demanded that the government should pay heed into the demands and should install Traffic Signals. “People of all religions come here to pray and seek blessings. Hence, it is necessary that the government take some measures here.” Fr. Rock said.

He said that nobody was taken into confidence when the road was widened here and new developments had taken place. “Had they taken us into confidence, we would have given our suggestions.” He said.

Socorro Fernandes, local from this area, said that many people visit Fulancho Khuris every day and seek blessings. “Not only Christians but Hindus and Muslims also come here and pray. People are finding it difficult to cross the road. Hence, the government should listen to the voice of the people.”He said.

Socorro Fernandes said that they will submit a memorandum to the government and also to road contractor to take up the issue and install traffic signals .

Jagdish Bhobe, leader of Goa Forward, who was present at the site said that since his childhood he has come to Fulancho Khuris and pray.

“It is our routine practice to come here and pray. Many people come here and seek blessings. Now, due to the road development, people are facing problems crossing the road. Hence, we demand to install traffic signals here.” Bhobe said.

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