42 per cent of the physicians exhibit symptoms of burnout: IMA report


Panaji: A study conducted by Goa Unit of Indian Medical Association (IMA) has revealed that 42 per cent of the physicians exhibit symptoms of burnout while depression and anxiety are common mental health struggles faced by the doctors in the coastal state.

The study “State Of Our Health: The Wellness of Doctors in Goa” conducted by IMA Goa in association with NGO Sangath, Goa Institute of Management and Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry was released on Sunday.

The report mentions that it examines the well-being of doctors working in Goa and it was conducted amongst the doctors registered with the IMA. In all 315 doctors were considered as the sample size for the survey, which is being conducted for the first time in the state.

“Studies reveal that 42 per cent of physicians exhibit symptoms of burnout characterised by emotional exhaustion. Cynicism, and reduced sense of accomplishment,” the survey reads.

It further says that depression (28 percent) and anxiety (15 percent) are some common mental health struggles faced by doctors.

“Furthermore, 12-15 percent of doctors engage in risky alcohol consumption, with twenty percent of doctors (amongst them) drinking to cope with stress,” the report reads.

The report also mentions “Finally, doctors are at a greater risk of dying by suicide compared to the general population.”

The survey said that the work-related stress, work-life imbalance due to long work hours, constant on-call availability, and administrative burdens, emotional from witnessing suffering and death from close quarters, and limited control over complex systems such as insurance are the factors which contribute to this situation.

Reacting to the report, IMA Goa President Dr Sandesh Chodankar said that his unit (IMA Goa) takes its responsibility towards its members “very seriously.”

“I will work with Dr Vikram Patel, Dr Amol Mahaldar, Dr Abhijit Nadkari and Dr Ravindra Agarwal over the coming twelve months to initiate activities to support the wellbeing of doctors in Goa,” he added.


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