2 lakh 93 thousand Goan households endorse Arvind Kejriwal’s first Guarantee


Panaji: Arvind Kejriwal’s first guarantee gets overwhelming support from Goenkars as AAP finishes its door to door outreach campaign on Electricity. 3,500 AAP volunteers reached out across households across Goa reaching 90% of them, visiting 3 lakh 85 thousand households across the state. Each volunteer spent 15 to 20 minutes in every house talking to the family about Kejriwal’s first Guarantee and discussing how it would impact them. An overwhelming 2 lakh 93 thousand families showed their support to this guarantee by registering with the party.

In his last visit to Goa Arvind Kejriwal made a major announcement for Goa stating that when the Aam Aadmi Party came to power it will give up to 300 units of free electricity in the state while ensuring 24×7 constant power supply. He also said that all old power bills will be waived off and farmers will get free electricity.

The Aam Aadmi Party has over the past few months reached out to Goenkars in their own houses and have been discussing with Goenkars whether they support Arvind Kejriwal’s free electricity guarantee and handing out Guarantee Cards to each family to tell them that they can hold the party accountable to their promises after they win the election.

The BJP has been running scared ever since this announcement as the most overwhelming resonses have been in the constituency of sitting CM Pramod Sawant where 88% of households have registered support for the Guarantee. In a huge blow to the Goa Power Minister Nilesh Cabral 82% of Curchorem households support Aam Aadmi Party’s Guarantee and showed confidence in the Kejriwal Model. It may be remembered that in the live debate with AAP’s Power Minister, Cabral categorically stated that he would not give free power to Goenkars and was evasive about providing 24/7 power supply.
Most Goans have wholeheartedly supported the Guarantee as they are aware that Kejriwal’s Guarantee has been implemented in Delhi and that 73% households in Delhi get zero bills and when implemented, this guarantee will ensure 87% people of Goa will get zero bills.

“The Aam Aadmi Party has been taking Arvind Kejriwal’s guarantee for free 24/7 power to the homes of every Goenkar.We have found that most families in Goa are suffering from power cuts and high power bills. That’s why they have wholeheartedly supported Arvind Kejriwal’s first Guarantee” said Valmiki Naik, AAP Goa Vice President.

“All Goans agree that AAP is the only hope for Goa, as we are the only party that is working on the issues that impact the common Goenkar and no other party is doing this” said AAP Leader & Taleigao Assembly in charge Cecille Rodrigues. ” This is just the first of many announcements that AAP will be making that will impact the common man of Goa” added Rodrigues.


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